Things Everyone Knows About FOOTBALL GAMES That You Don’t

And suddenly I find myself in the midst of a VERY sports oriented loved ones – with a specific focus on football. And so, for the very first time in the life of mine, I discovered myself attending Friday night high school games, rooting for the stepson of mine as he ran up and down the field, screaming at the refs although I was not constantly quite sure WHY I was screaming but hey! you do get caught up in the enthusiasm of the second.

For three years, I never missed a game, through snow Togel Resmi rain, I bundled up and cheered the team on, often to victory and quite often to beat.

I grew to understand the game, as well as liked being a fan much more with every game. I clapped along as the staff arrived to the house side after every victory and sang the fight song of theirs, and endured long, peaceful rides home whenever they lost.But – I never really understood the “obsession” until my stepson’s very last game in school that is high.

The game was over, the weather conditions was cold and drizzly, the song was completed, as well as the seniors walked back out on the area one last time, helmets in hand. They stood there, quietly, exchanging pats and hugs on the back, and one by one, they knelt to one knee and simply looked around, as the lighting fixtures blinked out across the stadium.

The silence was deafening – as well as the emotion overpowering.Many of these boys had played football together after the age of nine, playing and practicing as a group for long weeks each year, sharing bumps as well as injuries and bruises, big wins in addition to bigger losses, creating a camaraderie that not many females will actually encounter.

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